Bad Roofing Decisions can Cost You

Bad Roofing Decisions can Cost You

We tend to focus on the things that are directly in front of us, such as floors, paint, appliances, or walls, when it comes to maintaining our homes. It is easy to tell when something needs attention or is about to go. The case with roofing is a different story.

Most homeowners don’t inspect their roofs or think about checking them until there is a problem. Your home and your roof are two of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Every homeowner should learn how to protect their investment by avoiding common pitfalls.

This mistake could lead to water damage in the basement or walls. You must also ensure that you hire the right company to do your roofing. It is not possible to choose the cheapest company that will ruin your entire roofing project.

These are the most common mistakes in roofing

1. Why should I pay someone to do it for me?

Let’s be clear, everyone wants to save money on home maintenance. We all want to do this on our own. This will put us in serious financial trouble. We might have to spend more money on new materials.

Bad Roofing Decisions can Cost You

While some projects can be done on your own, large projects such as roofing or window projects cannot be done alone. You don’t have the tools or equipment necessary to do this job safely. A complete roof system can include many parts that you may not be aware of. You can also read about What Metal Roofing Panels Contractors Wish They Knew by visiting

  • Deck
  • Sublayment
  • Flashing
  • Vents
  • Drip Edge
  • Soffit
  • Fascia and Wintergaurds

2. I will choose the company that offers the lowest price.

This is the second most costly mistake you can make. The cheapest contractor will not have the tools or the expertise to complete the work you need. Remember that cheaper is not always better

Inexperienced workers could cause damage to your roof. If you haven’t had it insured, you will be doomed. If they don’t complete the job correctly, it will cause you long-term problems.

First, you must look at the credentials and type of warranty offered by these low-cost companies.

3. My roof has some damage but I believe I can get a few more years.

It is important to avoid this risk when replacing a roof. The longer it takes to replace the roof, the more damage you’ll experience and the more money you’ll have to spend to repair or replace it.

The roof inspection must be done twice per year. Even if there is any damage to the roof, it should still be inspected and repaired as soon as possible. It is more vulnerable to weather changes and the environment, especially as the roof ages. To read more about What Metal Roofing Panels Contractors Wish They Knew click here.

4. I don’t clean my gutters as often. It can do so much harm.

You are doing more damage to your home and roof than you can do if your gutters get clogged. If water begins to accumulate around your gutters, it can get into your roof or attic and cause more damage.

Gutters that are blocked can cause damage to your foundations. If these foundations become damaged, it will be a greater burden on your wallet. It is important to clean your gutters immediately after each rain.

The Homeowner's Guide To Metal Roof Standing Seam

The Homeowner’s Guide To Metal Roof Standing Seam

Metal roofing panels have seen a steady increase in popularity in residential and commercial construction over the years. The metal roof standing seam is vital to the integrity and strength of any metal roofing paneling. The metal roof standing seam is a seemingly simple connection that connects panels and holds the integrity of a construction project.

This is a bold statement considering that every construction project has the potential for problems to arise anywhere. Poor wiring and electrical work can cause serious damage to a home. If an inspector does not catch something, it will be too late. Poor drainage and water management can cause problems for landscaping, or worse, destroy a home’s foundation.

However, it is clear that roof problems can be addressed and will eventually lead to a leaky roof. This is perhaps the most extreme example of a trickle-down effect. Although metal roofing panels are strong in construction, they can only be as strong as their weakest points. A properly installed metal roof is only as strong as its weakest point.

Homeowners are faced with a lot of decisions when building a house. Some calls can be made based on personal preferences. Other decisions require homeowners to look far into the future in order to ensure that their investment now is worthwhile later. One of these calls is choosing the right roof, especially one that will last a long time. If you aren’t familiar with metal roofing, here are some things you should know. Pay particular attention to standing seams. Visit to read about Bad Roofing Decisions can Cost You.

The Homeowner's Guide To Metal Roof Standing Seam

No Visible fasteners 

A home that isn’t right-looking can have a negative impact on its curb appeal and aesthetic value. It is important to ensure that the fasteners used for metal roofing panels are not obvious. A metal roof looks more fluid if the seams are properly placed.

No exposure to the Elements 

This is a key benefit of all standing seams. It provides protection from the elements. Bad weather or moisture getting into the nooks and crannies of a roof can be more destructive than any other type of roofing. Traditional asphalt shingle roofs have holes. A roof’s integrity can be compromised by soil movement, high winds, and torrential rains.

UL2218/Class 4 

When researching metal roof manufacturers, it’s important to look for a company that has been around for a while, has experience in all facets of commercial/residential construction, and maintains proper licensing & classification. A prospective roofing company should have a dossier that includes information about impact resistance.

Low Maintenance

Metal roof standing seams are made well so they and the panels, in general, are very easy to maintain. This is good news for homeowners as it means that you will spend most of your time maintaining your home. By clicking here read about Bad Roofing Decisions can Cost You.


Metal roofs can last between 40-60 years if installed correctly. The paint color you choose is also guaranteed for many decades. The average lifespan for traditional asphalt shingle roofs is 15-20 years.

The most important thing homeowners need to know about metal roof standing seams, is that the manufacturer is what matters. You want to ensure that your investment in a metal roof goes as far as it can. The success of your project will depend on a metal roofing panel manufacturer that has years of experience and a strong reputation for metal roofs and steel structures.